Adu has performed her original songs and improvisations at improv, jazz festvials and rock venues with international artists such as Daniel Carter, Federico Ughi, John Edwards, Steve Noble, Hannah Marshall, Nicola Guazzaloca, Mike Cooper, Steve Beresford, Jeff Henderson, Jim Denley, Richard Nunns, Fabrizio Spera, David Long, Jack Body, Alison Isadora, Jan-Bas Bollen, Audrey Chen, Lissa Meridan, Lol Coxhill and Leo Tadagawa. Performers on Adu’s albums have included Tom Callwood, Chris O’Connor, David Long (also Producer of Cherry Pie), Jeffrey Henderson, Chris Palmer, Francesca Mountfort, Lucien Johnson, Nick Van Dijk, Daniele De Santis (MDF) & Riki Gooch. Additionally, she has taught children’s workshops in free-improvised singing and conducting and is currently active in NY/NJ based, “The Miz’Ries.”


The Miz’Ries

East Coast noise-pop band, The Miz’ries, combine extreme ambient broken turntable with effects loops by sheriff Quinn Collins and bespoke analog Snyderphonics synthesiser from mad genius inventor Jeff Snyder with vocals and electronic percussion from New Zealand, Ghanaian, British songstress Leila Adu. The Miz’Ries have been described as “a noise band that plays 3-minute pop songs”, and as “the music that plays in the club the bad guys hang out in.”

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Partido Fondamentalista Del Sonido

Leila Adu, voice, synth & electronics (NZ/NYC), Carlos Allegre, violín (Mexico), Misha Marks, lararra y corno barítono (New Zealand) and Jacob Wick saxophone (NYC).

Partido Fundamentalista del Sonido was formed when Misha Marks invited fellow New Zealander, Leila Adu, to play with Carlos Allegre and Jacob Wick on her two month residency in Mexico. Alfonso Muñoz has stepped in to replace Wicks, who is touring in the US, for this special last performance before Adu returns to New York. After shows and recordings, the quartet will be released on New York label, Belts and Whistles in 2017.


Hannah Marshall (cello) — Steve Beresford (electronics/piano) — Leila Adu (vocals/piano)

Live on YouTube @ the Fleapit, London, 30APR09

Truth in the Abstract Blues

Truth in The Abstract Blues the avant blues album — Fabrizio Spera (percussion), Mike Cooper (vocals, guitar & electronics) and Leila Adu (vocals, piano & jew’s harp) — is OUT NOW on Tracce/Rai Trade

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Concert at Il Cantiere, Roma (Mike Cooper & Leila Adu)

The Echo Tree

Improvising Quintet with Leila Adu (vocals & clarinet) — Renato Ciunfrini (winds) — Cristiano De Frabritiis (percussion/BVs) — Fabrizio Spera (percussion) & Federico Ughi (percussion/flute)

View live show at Anomalia, Roma on Youtube