Mini Academic CV


Adu-Gilmore received her doctorate of music in composition from Princeton University in 2017. her Bachelor of Music (Honours) from Victoria University of Wellington in 2003. In 2015, an article of Adu-Gilmore’s research, “Studio Improv as Compositional Process in Ghanaian Hiplife and Afrobeats” was published in the Critical Studies in Improvisation, peer-reviewed journal. She has presented her research at as Body Music 2015-Jack Body Cross-Cultural Music Conference, Zhejiang Conservatory, Huangzhou, China; Tracking the Creative Process of Music (TCPM) Conference at Huddersfield University, UK; and Institut de Recherche et Coordination Acoustique/Musique (IRCAM), Paris, France in 2018. Adu-Gilmore will begin her position as Assistant Professor in Music Technology at NYU Steinhardt in Autumn, 2018.

Adu-Gilmore is a composer-performer, improviser and producer, with five solo albums, as well as collaborative albums, international tours, TV and radio broadcasts. Adu-Gilmore recently composed piano/dancer duo K.A.T.E.S., for voice and BitKlavier, and for Nick Tolle for cimbalom/electronics and voice. She was Orchestra Wellington’s Emerging-Composer-in-Residence 2014, has written for chamber ensembles, had her compositions performed at Ojai Festival 2016 and has composed and produced for documentary, dance, theater and short-film. Adu-Gilmore was affected by teaching music to incarcerated men at Sing Sing Correctional Facility as a faculty member of Musicambia — music for social change, where she became convinced by the power of music to induce both joy and community connectedness. She was a key-note speaker at Webstock, international internet conference, where she spoke about empathy, online presence and performance presence, as “A Jeweled Net: Music, Mindfulness, People Planet!”

Research Fields: Ghana, Hip Hop, Hiplife, improvisation, afrobeats, producers

Current & Past Functions: Assistant Professor of Music Technology, New York University, USA; Project Manager for Faculty & Research, INSEAD, France; Phd Doctoral Fellow, Princeton USA’ composer-performer-producer-manager global (20 years).


Research Projects Previously Funded

Princeton Presidential Fellowship and PIIRS Summer funding for Doctoral research. Creative New Zealand Funding and Princeton Summer Funding for presentation at Body Music—Cross-Cultural Music Conference, Huangzhou, China for Critical Studies in Improvisation, peer-reviewed journal presentation.

Published Recordings: Selected Solo and Collaborative Music Releases

LEILA ADU (Solo & with Band): The Love EPs-Scary Love Monster & Love Cells, (Belts & Whistles, NYC) 2016; Ode to the Unknown Factory Worker, RAI Trade/Tracce (Italian National Radio): Rome, Italy, 2010; Leila Adu, Dark Joan, (Frizz Records London), 2009; Cherry Pie, Little Red Hen: Wellington, NZ: 2005; Leila Adu, Dig A Hole, Space Records: Wellington, NZ, 2003.

Electronica: Upcoming: Featured artist for Silent Poets (Wonderful Noise, Japan); Cave Circle’s Apricitity (Wonderful Noise, Japan; Gaika’s Spaghetto (Warp Records, UK) 2016, Lord Echo’s Curiosities, (Wonderful Noise: Tokyo and BastardJazz) New York: 2013, Leila Adu; Trillion feat. Leila Adu, The Gray Between Shadow and Shade, She’ll Be Right Records: Christchurch, NZ: 2006.

Improv: The Miz’Ries Complete Control of Your Vehicle (Belts and Whistles) 2016; Life Station (Leila Adu, Daniel Carter, Jeff Henderson, Jeff Snyder & Federico Ughi) (577 Records, US) 2016; Truth in the Abstract Blues (self-titled), RAI Trade/Tracce (Italian National Radio), Rome: 2010; Nicola Guazzaloca, Gianni Mimmo, Hannah Marshall and Leila Adu, The Shoreditch Concert, Amirani Records: Pavia, 2009; Alison Isadora, Jan-Bas Bollen, Daniel Beban, Jeff Henderson, Antony Donaldson and Leila Adu, sync / shed, Space CDs: Wellington, 2001.

Other Publications and Broadcast Media

In 2013, compiled and proofread the Routledge Handbook of the Chinese Economy for editors Gregory Chow (Princeton Professor of Political Economy Emeritus) & Dwight Perkins (Harvard Kennedy School Professor of Political Economy) published by Taylor & Francis, Oxford, United Kingdom.

In 2012, performed as a singer/percussionist in live broadcast on The Late Show with David Letterman and MTV VH1 with the Luscious Jackson band in New York; as well previous solo live past solo performances on radio stations such as Radio New Zealand National, in Wellington and the BBC World Service in London.

In 2011, composed and produced documentary soundtrack for “Strawberries with the Führer” screened at the NZ Film Festival and broadcast regularly on both the Fox Television Network and the BBC Knowledge Television Network.