SILENT POETS / Asylums For The Feeling feat. Leila Adu

From ‘Dawn,’ the latest album by Silent Poets out on Wonderful Noise, Japan.

Asylums For the Feeling

Music: Silent Poets
Words/Music: Leila Adu

A silent faulty feeling
A silent fault
A silent faulty feeling
A silent fault
A sigh and fall to the ceiling
A sigh and run to the kneeling
Asylums for the feeling

Ran out of all the meaning
I ran out of
It’s hard to fall believing
It’s hard to fall
So many men are losing
While out there doing the proving
It’s no suprise he’s dooming

Bring your friends, bring it all on
Oh, don’t suck it up, no

We seem to need another
We need you all
While finding our own cover
We cover it all
I find my own completeness
The darkness and the weakness
The light, the fight, the quietness

We are here for you
We are here for you
Don’t suffer alone
Tell us