The Love

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1. Love Cells EP
2. Surrogate Suspect
3. Satellite Head
4. Je T’aime
5. Horror in Black and White
6. The City and the Voodoo Lady

7. Scary Love Monster EP
8. Oriental Finger Trap
9. Nefertiti’s Waking Dream
10. The Bluest Eye
11. Bluebeards and Monsters
12. Nothing’s Going Wrong

Leila Adu: Music, Words, Production
Mike Gibson: Final Mixing, Mastering
Alex Morris: Production Track 7 & 9
Riki Gooch: Drums, Drum Production, Co-production Tracks 3, 5, 6 & 7
Daniele De Santis: Drums Track 7 & 9
Kirsty Porter: CD image “is the shadow you left when you came to visit?”
Melissa Cowan: THE LOVE EPs Cover Photography
David Treefrog: Backdrop Painting
Vibeke Brethouwer: Graphic Design
Alison Gilmore: Graphic Design
Greg Kirkorian: Graphic Design
Lucola Bang: Graphic Design
Jasmine Sparrow: Jewellery & Styling

Special thanks to:
Gemma Gracewood, Alanna Maharhj-Stone, Quinn Collins, Vibeke Brethouwer, Nicky Shamash, Dave Molk, Michael Lamarra, ubleunu, Elliot Cole, Gerard Crewdson, Michael August, Tim Checkley, Hamilton Berry, Florent Ghys, Cindy McBeth-Collins, Jeffrey Snyder, Georgia Power, Merle Sea, Darryl St Christopher Specht, Kirsty Porter, Ruth McNeil, Mel Meleeshka, M Delia, Reid Oda, Ross Blake, Anastasia Dailianis, Chim Shore, Andrea Monaco, Nathan Schram, Julia Homersham, David and Kirsten, Etan Rosenbloom, Chris Phillips, Alexander Bartley, Aaron Carico, Laurie McCants, Anthony Creamer, Alison Gilmore, Simon Frisch, Ella Fredrics, Arlene & Larry Dunn, Bruscolino, Cindy Allison, Alejandro Van Zandt-Escobar, Lisa Tomlins, Cat Moody, Scott Flanagan, Mindy McPherson, Mary Amorosino, J T Locke Moss, Anna Allenbach, Ellen Murray, Debi Buzil, Martyn Pepperell, Michael Cochrane, Pinaman Owusu, Marilena LoVerde, Elena Molisani, Naima Hammoud, Dmitri Lolas, David Hall, Benjamin Cohn, David Nicholls-Paul, Matsataka Ishida, Bevie Barker, Rebecca Stewart, Paul Huggins, Jeff, Sarah Wynn-Williams, Miyuki Shimbo… and thank you for listening

Bluebeards and Monsters

Directed by award-winning New Zealand film director, Alyx Duncan. From the new Scary Love Monster EP

Oriental Finger Trap

“The More I Move I Catch Myself in a Trap” / a dance film by Katelyn Halpern. From the new Scary Love Monster EP