Love Cells

Bluebeards and Monsters

Directed by award-winning New Zealand film director, Alyx Duncan. From the new Scary Love Monster EP

Oriental Finger Trap

“The More I Move I Catch Myself in a Trap” / a dance film by Katelyn Halpern. From the new Scary Love Monster EP

Ojai Music Festival: Leila Adu, Singer and Composer

“Negative Space” with Useful Chamber


“Basmati Rats” from Emotional Performance Motorcycle album, The Miz’Ries

The Miz’Ries — ‘Basmati Rats’ live @ Cameo Gallery, Williamsburg from Belts and Whistles on Vimeo.

Dark Joan

Cherry Pie

Live Improv in Rome

I’m Calling

Hendrix’s Manic Depression