Love Cells

Bluebeards and Monsters

Directed by award-winning New Zealand film director, Alyx Duncan. From the new Scary Love Monster EP

Oriental Finger Trap

“The More I Move I Catch Myself in a Trap” / a dance film by Katelyn Halpern. From the new Scary Love Monster EP

“Negative Space” with Useful Chamber

“Ode to the Unknown Factory Worker” live at Music Matters Festival, Main Stage Barefoot, Columbo

Experimental Night Music Matters Festival, Goethe Institut, Columbo


“Basmati Rats” from Emotional Performance Motorcycle album, The Miz’Ries

The Miz'Ries — 'Basmati Rats' live @ Cameo Gallery, Williamsburg from Belts and Whistles on Vimeo.

Dark Joan

Cherry Pie

Live Improv in Rome

I’m Calling

Hendrix’s Manic Depression