LOVE CELLS EP Release and Tour

Belts and Whistles proudly presents the release of Love Cells, Leila Adu’s partner EP to her recent release Scary Love Monster. Together the pair is collectively known as The LOVE EPs. Scary Love Monster is an EP of global urban and suburban romantic ensnarement, impressionist avant-tronica written and recorded in Rome out of a suitcase and houses in Rome, London, Wellington and New York. With sound worlds of Grimm’s fairytales and Toni Morrison, these dark tales hint at moments of light and love.

Where Scary Love Monster warns of the perils of love in Grimm’s fashion, Love Cells speaks from the mundane 9-5 romantic love to the most abstract forms of love. The title track Love Cells signifies that we are all created out of vibration, light and love: “love yourself, each sacred atom of the world is connected to you.” From the intimate laptop recording moments of a cappella Je T’aime… to afrofuturist The City and the Voodoo Lady, a tribute to the city of New York and Mingus’ The Black Saint and the Sinner Lady… to the perverse post-colonial love of Horror in

Love Cells comes out hot on the heels of the Scary Love Monster EP which has already garnered critical acclaim.

“Scary Love Monster” presents us with six unpredictable tracks (that’s a trendy adjective in these Trumpish days, isn’t it?), fluctuating between pop, weird jazz, dark lyrics and brainy experimentation at times reminiscent of Brian Eno’s early records… —NYC Deli

She’s making music that stands alongside the great work from the likes of PJ Harvey, Arthur Russell, Kate Bush and Bjork. I truly believe that. That’s not to say she sounds like any of them – but it’s that sort of vision, that determination, the willingness to be out on your own and making music that you believe in first and foremost…

You’ll hear some of the best pop melodies too. As it just so happens. But you’ll hear music from the Gamelan and classical worlds, from jazz and the worlds of dance and theatre as much as music.– The Dominion Post

You can now buy LOVE CELLS through all major digital outlets — if you purchase through Indiegogo, you will support the LOVE CELLS EP RELEASE TOUR

Love Cells EP Release Tour on Indiegogo from Leila Adu on Vimeo.