New Zealand and New Music Video

Between concerts in Europe and New York for the ‘Ode to the Unknown Factory Worker’ CD release tour, Leila has detoured to New Zealand to visit friends and family affected by the Februay 22 Christchurch earthquake. Click here for Rose Quartz blog’s Christchurch Earthquake Relief Fundraiser Compilation

With no venues left open in her hometown, Leila performed an impromptu house concert in Christchurch and a tour concert in the capital of Wellington where she found brilliant Film Director and Choreographer, Alyx Duncan— director of the award-winning music video ‘Fuji’ for Wellington-based band Minuit

Screen Shot from Alyx Duncan's Award Winning Music Video 'Fuji' by Minuit

Alyx and Leila are working towards the video single for a new album – the track was recorded in London by Alex Morris at the Briggs Warehouse and features Leila’s vocals, rhodes & analog synths with De Santis (aka MDF) drums