Electronic Collaborations

Nuttin’ Cold EP

Oozing urban and tropical, jazz infused electronic sounds, Lucked In is a serious vibe. Formed in Paris in late 2017, the trio draws upon an intercontinental wealth of musical traditions to produce a cutting edge approach to experimental afro sounds, fully DIY punk in its attitude. Poet and rapper Kwame Write (Ghana) conjures the ancestors of afrobeat and calls up ancient Akan aphorisms. His urgent, multi-lingual verses merge with the ethereal vocal melodies of singer, composer and multi-instrumentalist Black Rainbow (New Zealand/Ghana, a.k.a. Leila Adu), working in tandem with saxophonist and producer Alejandro Van Zandt-Escobar (Colombia/USA) to produce percussive live electronica creations that remain firmly left of center.

The trio met in Paris in 2017 when all three were living there, and organized an impromptu poetry / music jam session in a rum bar in the 11th arrondissement. Drawing from a wide range of experiences as people who have immigrated several times, living between different cultures and having multiple countries which they have called home, difficult to pin-point their identities musical or otherwise.

“Asylums For The Feeling”

Featured artist for Silent Poets (WondeSILENT POETS 12年ぶりの新作「dawn」より、MV “Asylums for the feeling feat. Leila Adu“ 公開。

2/7に発売となったSILENT POETS 12年ぶりの新作「dawn」より、 “Asylums for the feeling feat. Leila Adu“のミュージック・ビデオが、本日オフィシャルYouTubeチャンネルで公開されました。

LORD ECHOへの参加でお馴染みのニュージーランドの歌姫、Leila Aduをフィーチャーした、 新作アルバムの冒頭を飾るエモーショナルなサウンドテクスチャーで空間を包み込む楽曲に相応しいミュージック・ビデオに仕上がりました。

Apricity EP

Dedicated to Kiva Parsons-Gooch.

released August 1, 2017

Spaghetto EP

Curiosities LP

Bastard Jazz Recordings is proud to present the sophomore album Curiosities by New Zealand multi-instrumentalist and producer Lord Echo (aka Mike Fabs). An enticing sonic excursion that effortlessly transcends genre and geography, the release finds Echo flexing his dual-mastery of 60’s production techniques and modern dancefloor aesthetics, while also highlighting the vocal prowess of his soulful compatriots through a flowing blend of boogie-laced Funk, disco-primed Dub, futuristic Soul, and timeless African rhythms.

Fabs, known worldwide for his production work with NZ’s biggest Reggae export The Black Seeds, drew a groundswell of excitement around his debut solo album Melodies in late 2010. The independent release became a cult classic strictly through word-of-mouth, championed by tastemakers like Gilles Peterson (who played it repeatedly on his BBC Radio 1 show), Oliver Wang (Soulsides) and Richard Dorfmeister. Re-issues of the album soon followed in Japan and Europe, with vinyl copies quickly becoming a hot commodity among discerning collectors around the globe. Echo was introduced to Bastard Jazz’s DJ DRM in 2011 (via Detroit producer Recloose), and a limited 7” vinyl release on the Brooklyn-based imprint soon followed in 2012, precipitating this full length release with the label.

The finely-tuned collaborations throughout Curiosities underscore Lord Echo’s pivotal position in the thriving New Zealand music scene. “I generally only work with people I know quite well personally”, says Echo humbly. That personal and organic approach to creating his music is revealed as the album unfolds, layer by delectable layer. “I made this record primarily with DJs in mind,” he continues. “They are generally people who really love music and are often obsessed with various aspects of it. I’m not making music for people for whom it’s just some background noise in their lives, I’m making music for people for whom it IS their lives. And for better or worse, I guess I am one of those people.” 

“End Of Daze”

From This World and The Sadvipra Diversion, released May 9, 2004
Written and produced by Jody Lloyd
Vocals by leila adu