Orchestral and Large Chamber Ensembles

Mahakala Oratorio” for large chamber ensemble + mezzo and soprano: performed Chatterbird ensemble + Leila Adu & Rebekah Alexander, 2020, commissioned by Chatterbird, Nashville with New Music USA Grant Award, Dec 2020. Video & Lyrics at https://www.chatterbird.org/mahakala-oratorio-text

“Rain as Blessings Fall,” for orchestra + voice. Listen to ‘Rain as Blessings Fall,’ Orchestra Wellington with Leila Adu from the live broadcast on Radio New Zealand. Listen to the studio re-mastered live broadcast, kindly provided by Radio New Zealand here:

“Freedom Suite”, for large chamber ensemble + voice, performed by De Coda ensemble and Useful Chamber. CD released by Useful Chamber ensemble, 2015, performed at St. Paul’s Chapel.

“Negative Space” and “Ghost Lullaby” A Dream Within A Dream, Useful Chamber (large chamber ensemble) with Leila Adu, vocal recording and composition, New York: 2015


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