Around the world in 80 days…

So, as I found out the hard way, America is different from Europe, mainly because of this (see above.) Not that that’s a bad thing for your mind but your arteries might complain a little later down the line.

I flew to Rome to start the European leg of the “Ode to the Unknown Factory Worker” CD release tour with drummer Daniele De Santis. While in Rome we also shot a video for his electronic project MDF (Midi D’Un Faune.) for the “Prendi Uno” single – out in May on Italy’s foremost electronica ‘Minus Habens’ label (Aphex Twin, Brian Eno…) – aided by a small classy dog, very Italian.

MDF video shoot, Rome



Leaning Tower


Goodbye Sicily


We had a wonderful time in Italy, Berlin and London and Alison Blunt even shot the footage of our show in Berlin, for our ‘Fortuna’ video, shot by Boston Fielder ‘Fortuna’ Music Video

We recently heard of the devastating earthquake in my hometown of Christchurch, New Zealand. I’ll be over there for a bit seeing loved ones.