Musicambia—for Social Change in Incarcerated Communties

This year I am honored to be part of Musicambia, a project teaching music to inmates at Sing Sing Correctional Facility in New York. I am teaching music theory and vocal techniques along with fellow composer, Elliot Cole; instrument lessons are given by jazz pianist John Chin, brass by trumpet player Thomas Bergeron and strings by viola player and founder of Musicambia, Nate Schram. We have been working hard to create a comprehensive music curriculum at Sing Sing Prison alongside composer Daniel Levy and Carnegie Hall’s Weill Music Institute. It is a life changing project for us and for all the incarcerated people we work with.

We have been raising funds through Kickstarter, as well as Musicambia’s Faculty Concerts, the first of which ias at Rockwood Music Hall, NYC on Sunday December 14. Musicambia is a charitable trust and is only made possible through your continuing generous support.

Love and Mettā,

Rockwood Musicambia Poster 2

Bunch of NY/PA Shows Coming Up

Photo by Jessica Hope

saturday may 12
Bill Direen
Hamish Kilgour
Leila Adu
@ The Cakeshop
152 Ludlow Street
New York, NY 10002

friday may 11
Bill Direen
Hamish Kilgour
Leila Adu
@ Kung Fu Necktie
1250 N Front St
Philadelphia, PA 19122

saturday april 13
Hamish Kilgour + Leila Adu
@Ding Dong Lounge
929 Columbus Ave
Upper West Side
New York, NY 10025

monday march 18
The Miz’Ries (Leila Adu/Jeff Snyder/Quinn Collins)
@ Public Assembly
70 North 6th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11211

New Jersey Symphony Orchestra Princeton Student Readings

Photo by John Munson, The Star Ledger

“The New Jersey Symphony Orchestra musicians rehearse new works by Princeton University graduate student composers at Richardson Auditorium. Professor Michael Pratt sits on the conductor’s stool and discusses revisions with graduate student Leila Adu-Gilmore after hearing her piece played.” Princeton, Tuesday, December 11, 2012, The Star-Ledger

See more photos by John Munson of the NJSO readings at The Star Ledger

Futurospective: Song of the Day No. 6 from the Electric Foundry

The Electric Foundry — Past and Present Electronic Works

Celebrating our LAST PIANOS RESIDENCY SHOW THIS WEDNESDAY 19th at 9PM. Futurospective: Song of the Day No. 6 is the electronic alter-id, rare and unreleased oh!

Rare Cuts from the Lilburn Electroacoustic Studios (2003.)

Futurospective: Song of the Day No. 5

Chronological clips have caught up to an EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW to the 5th album! Now for the moment you would have waited for had you known it was about to happen…

This is my first fully created album track programmed in Ableton with beat loops, vocal layers, some warm real vintage synths and final mixing wizardry from Mike Gibson in Wellington, NZ.

Futurospective: Song of the Day No. 4

A seldom heard track often too delicate to be played in live concerts, ‘Glass’ is on my fourth album. The title/chorus (0.37″) is partly about the sounds that you can hear inside your head when things are very quiet juxtaposed with the visual memory of a play that I saw in Rome where an actress swam in broken glass on the floor…

‘Ode to the Unknown Factory Worker’ the is my most recently released album and was recorded whilst I lived in Rome for the Italian National Radio label, Rai Trade/Tracce. You can buy it at Amazon where it is listed in the COUNTRY section?!?!?)

Futurospective: Song of the Day No.3

Recorded by Steve Albini at Electrical Audion in Chicago on a brill small Wurlitzer!

“Still got my teeth and my nine pairs of shoes

Still got my teeth n’ food n’ shelter n’ shoes oh
Am I torturing you?

My neighbour is no better than you
My family is no better than you
My skin is the same if not darker than you
Well, I’m sorry if your skin’s a ticket to disaster for you”
– Ode the Unknown Factory Worker, Leila Adu

Futurospective: Song of the Day No. 2

I have a huge soft spot for my second album, ‘Cherry Pie.’ I wanted to record with New Zealand producer David Long who is lead guitarist in NZ indie band, ‘The Mutton Birds’ (love the lead guitar lines in that band!) makes music for TV and film, including hobbit music for Lord of the Rings, music for dance projects – a close collaborator with amazing dancer Douglas Wright. I digress… We received funding from NZ on Air which I was extremely grateful for, allowing us to rehearse with my amazing line-up (more soon…), with plenty of time for my vocal overdubs and David’s banjo, electric guitar and mellotron loops. Usually bound to chords and accompanying myself, I even had time for organ bass (with my feet?!?) and keyboard melody lines!

Bokoo: “Bokɔɔ” (sounds like “bockaaw”) means ‘soft’ in my father’s native language, Ashanti Twi – as in, “How are you?” “Soft” (cool.) The vocal line reminds me of Roy Orbison a bit…

[this kitten is still available in CD from NZ; otherwise email – info at ; or you can buy it digtially at Bandcamp ]

Futurospective: Song of the Day No. 1

I’m not so big on words about songs; thus I thought I’d come out of my shell and sonically time-travel through my past and future albums in SoundCloud clips over the next few weeks. This is in celebration of our residency this month at Pianos NYC and a bunch of upcoming releases including the nearing dawn of my fifth album! That’s right.

Let’s start back at the beginning… This is ‘Sweet Indulgence’ from my first album recorded with New Zealand producer, Jeremy Cullen. A sublime guitar intro from Chris Palmer, then I’m on piano/vox, a symbiotic kick-A rhythm section of Tom Callwood (bass) and Chris O’Connor (drums) with a sweet cello line from Francesca Mountfort to ice the cake.

[The CDs are sold out (yeah baby!) but you can buy the album digitally here on Bandcamp]


At Pianos, Leila will play songs from her unreleased fifth album that takes a new direction into Avantronica, replacing her acoustic sound for layers of organ and vintage synth backing in Ableton. The live set is a duo of Leila’s vocals, synth and piano with New York based Italian drummer, Federico Ughi. The duo met in Rome as Federico divides his time between New York and international tours with legends such as Daniel Carter, William Parker and spends time playing with Ornette Coleman.

Leila is currently writing for the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra’s readings. Her latest recordings have offers from vinyl and electronica labels in London and abroad. Leila’s new music video “Bluebeards and Monsters” was recently produced in by New Zealand by film director, Alyx Duncan and is soon to be released.

158 Ludlow Street, NY 10002

Wednesday September 5th at 8pm,
Wednesday September 12th at 7pm,
& Wednesday September 19th at 9pm

Facebook Event:

Price: $10 — Advance Tickets available @
Details: &