Futurospective: Song of the Day No. 2

I have a huge soft spot for my second album, ‘Cherry Pie.’ I wanted to record with New Zealand producer David Long who is lead guitarist in NZ indie band, ‘The Mutton Birds’ (love the lead guitar lines in that band!) makes music for TV and film, including hobbit music for Lord of the Rings, music for dance projects – a close collaborator with amazing dancer Douglas Wright. I digress… We received funding from NZ on Air which I was extremely grateful for, allowing us to rehearse with my amazing line-up (more soon…), with plenty of time for my vocal overdubs and David’s banjo, electric guitar and mellotron loops. Usually bound to chords and accompanying myself, I even had time for organ bass (with my feet?!?) and keyboard melody lines!

Bokoo: “Bokɔɔ” (sounds like “bockaaw”) means ‘soft’ in my father’s native language, Ashanti Twi – as in, “How are you?” “Soft” (cool.) The vocal line reminds me of Roy Orbison a bit…

[this kitten is still available in CD from NZ; otherwise email – info at leilaadu.com ; or you can buy it digtially at Bandcamp ]