Futurospective: Song of the Day No. 1

I’m not so big on words about songs; thus I thought I’d come out of my shell and sonically time-travel through my past and future albums in SoundCloud clips over the next few weeks. This is in celebration of our residency this month at Pianos NYC and a bunch of upcoming releases including the nearing dawn of my fifth album! That’s right.

Let’s start back at the beginning… This is ‘Sweet Indulgence’ from my first album recorded with New Zealand producer, Jeremy Cullen. A sublime guitar intro from Chris Palmer, then I’m on piano/vox, a symbiotic kick-A rhythm section of Tom Callwood (bass) and Chris O’Connor (drums) with a sweet cello line from Francesca Mountfort to ice the cake.

[The CDs are sold out (yeah baby!) but you can buy the album digitally here on Bandcamp]